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David E. Lane is a recovering Tennessean now residing in Portland, Ore. He grew up singing at church and listening to Prince, which explains why he often plays all the instruments on his recordings. He has fronted rock bands, acoustic groups, and funk bands that did dance steps. (There are no known photos of this.) Since setting his sights westward, David has become increasingly drawn to the country rock of the early 1970's, in all its analogue glory. Growing up in Nashville, he learned that "country" meant "corporate". Fortunately,The Flying Burrito Brothers and The Highwaymen set him straight.

David has worked with producers like Al Kooper (Bob Dylan) and Nigel Olsson (Elton John). He contributed songs and helped compose the score for the movie Pickin' and Grinnin', directed by Napolean Dynamite's Jon Gries. He's currently working with Grammy-nominated producer Ryan Murphey and actor/musician Johnny Dowers (FX series The Bridge) in the world's first virtual country band, The Sawdust Brothers. He plays live often in Portland, backed by his group, The Tipsy Ramblers.